Frequently Asked Questions

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Can my child start a class in the middle of the year?

Our core classes begin in September and end in late May/early June.   We highly recommend joining in September as the curriculum is sequential and it can be difficult for students to catch up if they join later in the year.   For students who want to join a class already in progress, we recommend calling the school for a free consultation before registering.   Students can often join a class already in progress after a few tutoring sessions (offered at a discounted rate), especially before the midpoint of the year.

Every spring and summer, we offer a selection of elective classes for students who would like to get started midyear.    These schedules are usually posted in late October.

Do I need to provide a computer for my child?

CS Recitations classrooms are equipped with computers for every student for use during class.    There is no need for your student to bring any technology with them to class. Homework requires access to a computer with internet connectivity.

How is CS Recitations different from other programs that are out there?

CS Recitations offers year-round computer science classes rather than short duration camp programs.   We are not a franchise.   Our mission is to incorporate programming, problem solving, critical reasoning, and creativity as core components of your child’s education and we cater specifically to the needs of our local community.    We are the only afterschool program offering an organized, sequential curriculum taught by expert teaches in a friendly, in-person classroom environment.

With applications in math, art, music, and games, we teach students computer science while sparking their creativity in areas that interest them.    Students who complete our courses develop the skills needed to create projects of their own outside of class.    Unlike other programs that encourage students to edit programs made by others, our students write their own code and understand what they are programming.

Our small class settings also promote collaboration and socialization.    Group debugging sessions using our high tech collaboration technology are always fun for our students and, because we are working together on problems, students see many interesting and creative approaches to the same problems that they would not see if they were working independently.

How will computer science classes help my child?

Computer science teaches core skills in reasoning, problem solving, and logical thought that benefit students in other subject areas and career areas.    Computer literacy is also important in many fields outside of computer science.    Research shows that students who have early computer science education score better on standardized math exams.

How does the CS Recitations curriculum compare to what is offered in the public schools?

Computer science offerings vary by school, but unfortunately many schools find that there is little room in the school day to add more comprehensive computer science offerings, especially prior to high school.    CS Recitations offers classes that may not be available to your child in school and/or flexibility to fit other electives in at school or manage schedule constraints by taking computer science outside of the regular school day.    CS Recitations emphasizes computer science and algorithmic thinking as core skills developed through a carefully planned, age-appropriate, comprehensive curriculum.

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

Cancellations will result in a pro-rated refund of unused tuition based on the cancellation date. Registration fees are non-refundable.

How will I know how my child is doing?

Parents and students have access to their CS Recitations work remotely using any internet connection. We encourage parents to ask their children what they are working on. We also welcome communication with parents and the Principal’s door is always open! We recognize that students, especially our older students, have many academic commitments and we therefore give reasonably short homework assignments, depending upon the class, consisting of finishing up a class exercise. A few of the more advanced classes may include more significant homework.

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