CSR-PYGG: Games and Graphics Using Python | Grades 9-12

(15 classes total, 1.5 hours per class)
Prerequisites: CSR-340, or equivalent

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In this half-year elective course, students will extend their knowledge of Python to create graphics, games, and animations using popular Python libraries such as pygame.  Using the Python libraries, students will learn how to incorporate sprites, sound, and image objects in their game code.  Students will also learn how to handle mouse and key events and implement collision-checking techniques.

Students are required to have completed CSR-340 (or equivalent) before enrolling in this class.  If your student did not take CSR-340, please contact us to schedule a free placement evaluation before registering.

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Computer Science Using Python is our intermediate programming class which teaches the fundamentals of Python while exploring some advanced features of the Python language. It strengthens core computer science concepts while exploring a new language at an accelerated pace. Students apply what they learn to build simple console-based games, algorithms, and real-world problems. This course is intended for high school students who have prior programming experience. We recommend CSR-300 (or equivalent) as a prerequisite. Prior completion of Algebra I is required. 9th graders and students who are unsure of their experience level should schedule a free consultation with the school before enrolling.