CS Recitations Terms,Conditions, and Policies – Natick, MA

By registering for a CS Recitations offering, you accept the terms and conditions and agree to abide by the policies set forth below.  The policies are designed for efficient operations and a positive customer experience.  Please contact us at info@CSRecitations.com with any questions or concerns regarding the Terms, Conditions, and Policies.

Enrollment Policy
Parents can register their children for CS Recitations offerings online at www.CSRecitations.com.  Students must meet any requirements set forth for the class for which they are registering.  Some registrations may require permission of the instructor or an assessment of the student’s readiness and fit for the class; such circumstances will be addressed through an on-site consultation with a CS Recitations administrator.  CS Recitations reserves the right to deny registration to students who, in CS Recitations’ judgment, do not meet the standards for success in the class.

Late registration for classes after the class start date will be accepted on an as-available basis and are subject to instructor approval.  CS Recitations may recommend or require separate tutoring or homework as a means for catching up to the class already in progress.

In the event that a class is full, a waitlist will be formed in the order of receipt of application.  If a space becomes available, families will receive an email notifying them of the opening.  Confirmation of enrollment and payment must be received within 72 hours or the seat will be released to the next family on the waitlist.

Tuition Policy
Every class registration requires a non-refundable registration fee to secure the student’s place in the class (unless otherwise noted in the information for a class).  A student is not assured of a seat in the class until receipt of payment for the registration fee.  Exceptions to the non-refundable registration fee policy will only be made in the event of cancellation of the class by CS Recitations or changes in schedule or location by CS Recitations that do not fit the student’s schedule (excluding scheduling of make-up classes)

Tuition charges for classes are in addition to the registration fee and are subject to CS Recitations’ Enrollment Cancellation and Refund Policy.  CS Recitations invoices tuition in accordance with the selected payment plan.

For late registration after class has already started, tuition will be pro-rated based on the number of classes remaining at the time of registration.

Payment Policy
CS Recitations accepts payments by credit card or by check payable to CS Recitations LLC.  Invoices are due upon receipt.  Invoices past 30 days old are subject to an 8% finance charge compounded monthly.

Registration fees are due upon registration.  Tuition may be paid under a single payment plan or, for full-year classes, a two-payment plan in which half of the tuition is invoiced prior to the start of the school year and the second half prior to the start of the second semester.  For late registration after class has already started, tuition is due upon registration (full tuition in the case of single payment plan, pro-rated first semester tuition in the case of two-payment plan).

Enrollment Cancellation and Refund Policy
Parents may cancel a student’s registration by notifying CS Recitations in writing (email to registration@CSRecitations.com) of their desire to cancel participation in the class.  Cancellation will be effective as of the date of receipt of the written cancellation request by CS Recitations.

CS Recitations may cancel a student’s registration if the student’s behavior disrupts the class and interferes with the instructor’s ability to reasonably deliver a productive and child-friendly class experience for all students.  CS Recitations may suspend a student’s attendance or cancel the student’s enrollment if payment for tuition is more than 30 days past due.

CS Recitations may also cancel a student’s enrollment in the event of the student’s and/or parent’s failure to comply with these Terms and Conditions and Policies affecting CS Recitations’ ability to serve its customers and operate its business.

In the event of cancellation, a refund of tuition paid for classes following the cancellation date will be calculated on a pro-rated basis and issued by check or credited to the credit card used for tuition payment. Registration fees are not refundable.

CS Recitations may discontinue a class at any time in its sole discretion.  If such a discontinuation occurs, CS Recitations will notify parents and refund unused tuition.  In no circumstance is CS Recitations liable for any amounts in excess of tuition paid for services.

Class Cancellation and Make-up Policy

Notice regarding cancellation or other important information for individual classes will be sent out via email.  It is important that parents provide CS Recitations with their current email address and that parents monitor that email for important communications.

CS Recitations will schedule make-up classes for cancelled classes.  These make-up classes may be scheduled for vacation periods and/or days or times that differ from the regular class day and time.

There are no make-up classes for classes that were held but that students missed due to illness or other reasons; parents should communicate with the instructor to receive information regarding what was missed and how the student can catch up through homework.

Drop-off and Pick-up Policy
Parents must accompany their children to class for drop-off and remain with them until the classroom opens for class.  Parents must pick up their children promptly at the classroom at the end of class.  Students are not permitted to leave CS Recitations without their parent unless the parent has submitted a signed release form allowing the student to be picked up by another adult or permitting the student (age 13 or older) to leave the building unaccompanied.

CS Recitations is not responsible for children outside of their class hours.

Food Policy
CS Recitations is not a nut-free or allergen-free environment.

Students are allowed to bring snacks to be eaten during break times but never while working at CS Recitations computers.  Spill-proof water bottles are permitted for beverages (also during break-time and away from computers) – no open beverage containers are permitted in the classroom.  Although CS Recitations is not a nut-free environment, we ask that students refrain from bringing nut-based food into the building out of consideration for those with allergies.

CS Recitations offers individual and small-group tutoring on a limited basis.  All policies stated herein apply to tutoring services in addition to policies stated within our “Tutoring Policy” document.  Please contact us regarding tutoring requests or inquiries.

Customer Portal and Third Party System Accounts
CS Recitations provides a restricted-access customer portal and utilizes third-party online services for communication, content, and class administration.  You authorize CS Recitations to establish such accounts for your child and agree to assist your child as necessary in the creation and use of the required accounts.  CS Recitations teachers will communicate details of such account utilization prior to the start of class.

Photo and Video Release
CS Recitations may take photos and/or videos of its classes and activities and use these images in its print and web marketing and advertising.  Unless you email info@CSRecitations.com to the contrary, you permit the inclusion of your child’s likeness in any such promotional materials at CS Recitations’ sole discretion without compensation.

Medical Release
CS Recitations staff are not trained or certified to administer any healthcare-related services.  In the event of an accident or emergency, you authorize CS Recitations to obtain medical care for your child, including emergency care and transportation and you accept full responsibility for any resulting costs.  You must inform CS Recitations of any serious allergies or health conditions that your child has.

No Guarantee of Results
CS Recitations strives to provide an excellent educational experience for its students but cannot guarantee any specific achievement or improvement in grades, test scores, or competitions for students.