Computer Science is not just for aspiring engineers – it is for every child, and it is rapidly becoming recognized as a core competency in K-12 education.  In 2008, The National Mathematics Advisory Panel issued the following statement in “Foundations for Success: Final Report” (2008):

“The Panel recommends that computer programming be considered as an effective tool… for developing specific mathematics concepts and applications, and mathematical problem-solving abilities.”

New research confirms that students who learn computer science and computer programming before or during middle school achieve higher math scores on subsequent standardized math tests. For example, see:  “Programming Literacy Needs to be a Core Content Standard: A Case Study of Teaching 7th and 8th Grade Students Computer Programming” (Dr. Geoffrey Wright, School of Technology, Brigham Young University 2013).

At CS Recitations, we offer children aged 8 to 18 a comprehensive computer science education which emphasizes critical thinking and problem solving skills.  Our students build analytical skills that transfer to a host of other disciplines, including math, all while having fun with challenging and varied computer science assignments, projects  and competitions.